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How to Write the Perfect CV

Remember who is reading your CV

Employers see a lot of CVs especially in today's climate. An employer will make a decision almost immediately based on the layout of a CV and then very quickly on the content.

The layout of the CV

A CV should be no more than 2 sides of A4, 3 at a push if you have a lot of experience, so you may have to be fairly ruthless with the content. There needs to be a balance between not too much content and not to much white space and there should a reading level, meaning headings in bold or key points made to stand out. In addition, you need to make sure you use an easily legible and professional font such as Arial or MS-Trebuchet.


Every CV should be changed to suit the post. So that means knowing enough about the organisation you are applying to and the particular role. Use the same language and jargon used on a job spec in your CV. Draw attention to your experience that is mentioned in the job spec and of particular relevance. Make sure you put in information about particular achievements and responsibilities, such as management or financial responsibilities and highlight it. We will talk to you in further detail about this if you come into register.

Do's and Don't's

use a simple font such as MS-Trebuchet or Arial

put in plenty of achievements and responsibilities

have a section just dealing with your skills

list your software knowledge

check your spelling and not just using the spell checker

change your CV based on every role you apply for

put a profile at the beginning of the CV everyone does it and they always say the same thing

use unusual fonts

put pictures or designs on your CV, it distracts from the content

make your CV any longer than 2 sides of A4

use a tiny font to fit more content on the page

leave gaps in dates, explain what you have been doing

don't waste money on getting someone to re-write your CV. If you feel you must make sure they have extensive proven experience in recruitment or HR.

Featured Jobs

Become a Party Host for World Vision

£10 - £11 Per Hour

Part Time

Senior Client Services Manager

£43000 - £43000 Per Annum


Senior Events Executive (Special and Challenge events)

£24500 - £26500 Per Annum


Major Gifts Fundraiser

£40000 - £40000 Per Annum

Part Time

Major Gifts Fundraiser

£40000 - £40000 Per Annum

Part Time

Direct Marketing Manager (Legacy Fundraising)

£40000 - £40000 Per Annum


Senior Major Gifts Executive

£35000 - £43000 Per Annum


Major Donor Executive

£30000 - £35000 Per Annum


Spring in to Action Join The British Red Cross GBP9.00PH

£9.00 - £12.00 Per Hour


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