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18 Jun 15

Why A Charity Recruitment Agency Is Worth The Investment

Recruiting for specialist jobs can be hard, especially in the charity sector. There will only ever be a small group of qualified people looking at any time. Flow Caritas is a charity recruitment agency who focus on professional fundraisers, a particularly closed market. To give you an idea of how small the fundraising world is; there is less than 3.2 million fundraisers registered on LinkedIn… globally. Compared to 13.5 million people working in sales, for example. A senior fundraising candidate needs a good working knowledge of the charity sector, persuasive sales acumen, passion for the cause as well as genuine experience of fundraising at various progressive levels. They are experts in the field, who have worked their way up from the bottom.

A small candidate pool + very specific skills and experience requirements = difficult recruitment process.

This is where charity recruitment agencies like Flow step in.

We know the market

Keeping an eye on market trends and predicting what upcoming developments could impact the needs of our clients is part of the package. Flow Caritas are members of professional bodies such as the Institute of Fundraising; this gives us a touchstone with the market, through which we can engage with our clients and see what their requirements are.

We know the people

Good recruiters stay in contact with people throughout their careers. Our candidates become our clients, creating lasting relationships. Developing these connections with people means we know what they want in an applicant beyond what’s on the job description. We always want to meet our candidates face to face to get to know you, so we know exactly what jobs you would be perfect for.

We have the resources

The charity sector is extremely competitive and most job advertisements will receive an overwhelming amount of applications. The question is; are all these responses going to be relevant to the job? Probably not. Working with a charity recruitment agency takes the job of wading through the unqualified candidates off your hands. Instead we connect you to the best of the best applicants.

We also have existing relationships with costly recruitment streams (such as job boards) and can take advantage of our existing network of talent to source candidates. Working with recruitment consultants is an efficient process that yields a good return on investment.

We have the drive

If you’ve never worked with a charity recruitment agency before this is how the process¬†usually goes:¬†a consultant will¬†come and meet with you at your charity’s offices to take a detailed description of the job requirements and to see the environment that the candidate will be working in. They will send you CVs of people who they think would excel in the vacant role; if you disagree, they will want to re-qualify the job with you to make sure they’re looking for the right person.¬†They will keep you regularly updated on the outcomes of their work and actively engage with you for¬†feedback on their candidates at all stages, from the initial application to the final interview. They will negotiate offers for successful candidates and prepare them for their first day on the job. Flow Caritas consultants also like to drop by the office during their first week of work to bring them a box of donuts that they can share with their new team.

Working with a charity recruitment agency will not only save you time and money while reaching the best candidates in a difficult market, but you will also get to work with some genuinely good people who are using their recruitment skills to create sustainable, long-serving teams for charities.


To find out more about how Flow Caritas can help you fill you charity vacancies, call 0207 089 2605.