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19 Mar 15

What Every Charity Should Expect From Their Recruitment Agency

Most charities and not for profit organisations have – at some point – considered using a charity recruitment agency like Flow Caritas to help them find the most competitive talent in the sector. So what should you expect when you use charity recruitment experts?

1. A detailed job and candidate brief

Your recruitment consultant should ask you detailed questions about the job and what the hiring manager is looking for, and will take time to confirm if they really understand. Their understanding of the role’s requirements will also be evident from the quality of questions they ask you.

2. Meeting you in person

Good recruitment is very much about good service. So if a recruiter takes the time to meet you personally, you can tell that they take this seriously. Plus, meeting a client in person makes it a lot easier for them to understand the hiring manager, the role’s requirements and your organisation’s culture in depth.

3. Only sending you suitably screened candidates

Only meeting a candidate in person can give an indication of whether they are definitely suitable for the job and whether they would be happy and committed to it. Recruitment is an extremely personable job and no new technology will ever replace a face to face meeting.

4. Having a large pool of quality candidates

They have a focus on quality candidates (not quantity), keeping in touch with them regularly and building their networks daily through referrals, networking events and marketing.

5. Being fun to work with

You shouldn’t work with a charity recruitment agency you don’t actually enjoy working with. It’s also important that your recruiter adapts to and respects your preferences  – after an initial meeting for example, if you prefer phone calls to e-mails, then that is how they should be contacting you.

6. Committed to your long-term bottom line

They should ask you about your organisation’s long-term goals and how your new hire will contribute to achieve them. They’ll screen candidates thoroughly and will only put forward those that see the job as a terrific career opportunity and who are able to make a significant contribution.

7. Involvement in the sector

Their consultants might have worked in the charity and not for profit sector before and you should regularly see them attending and holding industry events to keep their fingers on the pulse.

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