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20 Sep 16

What Digital Changes Do People Want To See In The NFP Sector?

The charity sector is notorious for dragging its feet when it comes to change, especially when that change involves embracing digital technology and all of the opportunities for donor engagement that comes with it. The Together We’re Better community has organised a conference that brings together not-for-profits, start-ups, the public sector and commercial bodies to collaborate, learn and fuel ideas around disruption, the change agenda and what this means across sectors.

Flow Caritas had two tickets to the conference to give away, and to decide who would be the lucky recipients we ran a social media competition. Apart from the standard follow request, we also asked our audience the question “what digital change would you most like to see in the not for profit sector?”

The answers were varied but equally insightful. Some advocated for more personalised engagement:

While others wanted to see more proactive approaches:

There was a push to focus on creating change rather than just adding contacts to our databases:

As well as a desire to see digital encouraged through the organisational culture:

Samantha Kennedy from Save the Children also commented on our LinkedIn post saying “I’d like to see us using digital for internal effectiveness – an end to shared drive docs, version control nightmares, and email overload.”

But the (randomly selected) winning tweet came from Sho Konno at Restless Development, who wants to see more digital collaboration:

Congratulations Sho! You can get involved in the conversation by tweeting us at @FlowCaritas and telling us what digital changes you want to see made by NFP organisations.