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09 Feb 16

Why are ex-creatives so good at fundraising?

Posted by Jade Gargan

According to our fundraising industry analysis report Streets Ahead, those who have previously worked or pursued a career in a creative industry excelled as fundraisers.


Some of our very own in-house Flow team can testify to these findings:

“As a young hopeful actor, fundraising was a job which meant more to me than working in a bar or handing out flyers, but meant I could also make my rent and pay bills. Six years later and my career might not have gone to plan, but I’ve been grateful for the entry-level opportunity that fundraising has given me, and have several full-time roles and successful projects behind me.”  Maria Speight, Office Manager/PA

“I had been organising events, working in restaurants, bars, clubs and in a music sales job for five years. I had worked in Ibiza as an on-street club promoter too so had no fear approaching people! I wanted something that was going to complement the skills I already had, a job that had a positive impact on people’s lives and something that would allow me to develop but also (most importantly) I would have fun doing! Within the space of three years I progressed from fundraiser to team leader, team leader to coach and coach to regional fundraising manager of an environmental charity.” Mark Bedford, F2F Recruiter

“I previously worked in the West End as a professional theatre director, took shows to the Edinburgh Festival, won awards and had a generally brilliant time! When I wasn’t rehearsing my next show, I was focussing on my DJing career. I fell into fundraising completely by chance when I was looking to raise funds for my next theatre production and an actor I knew mentioned he was working with a  fundraising organisation. So, I decided to take my first day job outside of theatre and joined them. Very soon after I was promoted to their recruitment & training team and before long I was managing the training & recruitment for 800 fundraisers!”   Anthony Coleridge, F2F Recruiter