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14 Apr 16

The Future of Fundraising

When our Director Rory White and SolarAid‘s Chief Fundraiser Richard Turner were having a chat over coffee, they were inspired to create a place for fundraisers to meet up and engage in a proactive discussion about the issues charities face in regards to fundraising. This included how and why fundraising needs to change, and what we can do to facilitate these changes to stay ahead of the curve and take control of the future of fundraising.

Over 20 fundraisers met in Farringdon on Wednesday 13 April for this exciting conversation, and shared a number of insightful ideas and opinions such as:

Better engagement with current donors

Many charities focus far too much on donor acquisition at the expense of their donor retention. By developing a strategy that optimises how you engage with your current donors, you can take advantage of the donor journey and make them feel like you genuinely care about the story behind their donation.

Donor acquisition is dead

If you keep your current donors happy, they will do the acquisition for you. Social media makes it so easy for people to spread the word about their positive experiences with charities, especially if that charity has an active social presence. Build the brand and story of your charity, communicate it well, and people will come to you.

Re-educate your trustees

Trustees need to have a thorough knowledge of the current market to be able to support and guide you during this challenging fundraising climate. Consulting with educators and facilitating productive conversations is essential to getting your trustees on board with new fundraising ideas.

Don’t overlook your supporter services

Make sure you acknowledge the people who work in your supporter services. They put in the hard yards with donor communication, however their roles have a relatively low pay grade and they are often forgotten about, even though they are the faces and names that all of your donors associate with your charity. They’re are vital to the donor journey and they are essentially your account development team. Go back to basics and ensure you have a system in place to let them know their value.

Happy fundraisers, happy donors

People can’t simply be told to be passionate about a cause. Create an environment that allows your staff to develop a personal passion for their job from a grassroots level. Provide opportunities for them to learn and grow together as a team, and the positive morale of your employees will be reflected in the quality of their fundraising.

The world of fundraising is constantly evolving and charities often struggle to keep up, and the future of fundraising is a pressing topic as the relationship between donors and charities is transformed. Flow Caritas is dedicated to supporting charities in their fundraising efforts by connecting them with the highest quality talent and enabling each individual candidate to contribute to the unique stories of the organisations we work with.

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