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Career Advice

25 Aug 15

How to approach your next job search

As the summer comes to a rainy close, recruitment teams across the country are getting ready to kick things up a gear & get down to business. This means that the amount of jobs on the market is about to rise & anyone looking to take their next career step should be getting serious.

Before you make the jump, run through our tips to make sure you’re in top job-searching shape!

Make sure you know what you want…
Be honest with yourself about why you’re moving on from your current job & let that shape what you look for in your next role. The worst thing you can do is jump ship because you’re unhappy & land in an identical situation! Similarly, if you love your current job but want to advance your career, look for a company with similar values & a position with more seniority.

…But be flexible
Your dream job isn’t always going to be on the market: be realistic about that fact & you’re search will be far more successful. There will often be times where contract or temporary roles will be more beneficial to your career then permanent employment – & that’s fine.

Are your skills all up to date?
It is far easier to take advantage of professional development before you move jobs. If you think you’re ready – or will soon be ready – to move on, take a frank inventory of all your skills & qualifications. Make sure they are up to date to increase your chances in a competitive market.

Make sure your CV & LinkedIn are optimised
These are going to serve as your first impression, so make sure they are up to scratch! For more CV & LinkedIn advice check out our career advice section.

Know your worth
Just as there isn’t much point in applying for jobs you’re drastically under qualified for, there is no point in going after jobs you are OVER qualified for. Do some market research to see what someone with your skills should be earning & at what level of responsibility.

Don’t be afraid to work with a recruiter
Naysayers will always have something to say about the vampires that have grouped together to form the recruitment industry, but they are painting a vastly inaccurate image! A partnership with a Recruitment Consultant means that you have access to an immense amount of industry knowledge that can lighten your load. We can help guide you in the right direction & find you a job that you’re truly happy with.

To find out more about how Flow Caritas can help find you’re your dream charity job email