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Career Advice

27 Jun 14

Write a Sensational CV

Our team see hundreds of CVs every day, so we know what works and what doesn’t! Here are just a few of our top tips for writing a sensational CV that will help you to stand out above the competition.

CV Layout

A CV should be no more than two sides of A4 – three at a push if you have a lot of experience – so you may have to be fairly ruthless with the content.
Design-wise, ensure there is a balance between content and white space, put headings in bold and highlight key points, such as achievements, using italics or bullet points. In addition, you need to make sure you use an easily legible and professional font.

CV Content

Every CV should be changed to suit the position. That means knowing enough about the organisation you are applying to and the particular role. Use the same language and jargon used on a job spec in your CV. Draw attention to any experience you have that matches what is in the job description, or is of particular relevance. Make sure to include information about particular achievements and responsibilities, such as management or financial responsibilities, and highlight it.

We are happy to give more tailored CV advice when you come in to register with us.


  • use a simple font such as MS-Trebuchet or Arial
  • put in plenty of achievements and responsibilities
  • have a section just dealing with your skills
  • list your software knowledge
  • check your spelling – and not just using the spell checker, get a second pair of eyes!
  • tailor your CV to suit every role you apply for


  • use unusual or ‘fun’ fonts such as Comic Sans
  • put pictures or designs on your CV (unless it is suitable for the role you are applying for) as it distracts from the content
  • make your CV longer than two sides of A4
  • use a tiny font to fit more content on the page
  • leave gaps in dates; explain what you have been doing, even if you were simply taking a career break
  • waste money on getting someone to re-write your CV. If you feel you must then make sure they have extensive proven experience in recruitment or HR