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02 Jun 16

What Questions Will Charities Ask In Their Interviews?

Want to make a career move into the charity sector? The first step is to write the perfect job application. Once you have impressed the charity and get your foot in the door, you’ll need to start preparing for your interview. Flow Caritas has a compiled a list of common charity interview questions to make sure you have all the right answers to get the job.

Why are you passionate about this cause?

Use this as an opportunity to talk about your personal connection to the charity, perhaps in the form of an anecdote. You should also know that you’re going into an area with generally lower salaries than the private and public sectors, so you might want to mention why or if you’re willing to be paid less.

How much do you know about the organisation?

Demonstrate that you’re familiar with the charity’s mission and how it aligns with your own values. Do your research by looking at not only the charity’s website but also their social media channels.

Give an example of…

Regardless of the type of role you’re going for, you will have to talk about your successes in your previous jobs. They might ask about about targets you have met, budgets you have managed, income you have generated or even simply what career achievement you are most proud of.

What do you know about our donors?

Terminology is very important. Avoid using words like ‘customer’ and ‘consumer’; instead talk about ‘donors’ and ‘supporters’. This is especially relevant for fundraising roles, where charities are looking for someone who understands the motivations and expectations of their donors.

What is your experience in the charity sector?

Not all charities will require you have experience in the sector, but they find that people who understand the culture are more likely to fit into their team. Are you involved in volunteering? Have you participated in a charity fundraising event? Or organised a community event? All of these can be a positive example of how you’re familiar with the work that charities do.

You also need to be prepared for standard interview questions, such as being asked how your team mates describe you, how you deal with conflict, how you manage and prioritise work and your management style. Flow Caritas consultants thoroughly prepare all candidates for their interviews, with a focus on communicating how well you meet the requirements of the job description.

For more advice on how to answer all of your charity interview questions, call our recruitment team on 02070892644.