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12 Jul 16

Three Things Fundraisers Need On Their LinkedIn Profile

1) A decent picture

LinkedIn isn’t like any other social media site. It is your online resume that employers and recruiters are using to evaluate you. If your profile photo is unprofessional, you’re already at a disadvantage.

What’s good: your professional headshot or company website picture, wearing business clothes, in an office, conference or networking event setting. Your face should take up 60% of the frame, and you should have a plain, undistracting background.

What’s not: grainy low resolution photos, mirror selfies, your vacation pictures, Snapchat filters (seriously – we’ve seen it all).


2) Your job title and responsibilities

The trouble with the charity sector is that job titles can either be incredibly specific or incredibly vague. You could be a ‘Fundraising Officer’ who specialises in trusts or lottery grants, or a ‘Special Events Assistant’ who works on everything from challenge events to galas to marathons. Because there are always multiple responsibilities that can apply to any job title, you need your LinkedIn profile to specify your strengths and personal acheivements. Talk about the targets you hit, the support you gave your team, and most importantly, the funds you raised!


3) Recommendations and endorsements

If your line manager or team members have told you about the great work that you’re doing, ask if they would mind endorsing your skills or writing you a recommendation on LinkedIn. These functions act as references and add an extra layer of legitimacy to your profile. Plus, who doesn’t like nice things being said about them?


But why should you even care about your LinkedIn profile looks like? Does anyone even use it?

I can tell you that any recruiter or human resources department worth their salt has LinkedIn Recruiter , a candidate sourcing and hiring tool. Upwards of 433 million professionals use LinkedIn, and the Recruiter tool allows potential employers and recruitment consultants to search across these profiles to track down the best people for the jobs they’re hiring for. Also, Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for US$26.2 billion, one of the biggest ever tech industry acquistions. LinkedIn is about to get even bigger, so you need to make sure your profile is the best it can be!