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23 Jun 15

Highlight Your Digital Skills On Your Charity CV

Digital roles in the charity sector have had a meteoric rise in importance. The emphasis on expanding donor engagement and the audience numbers that digital technology can reach has created an ever-growing demand for digital skills within the third sector. Here in lies the problem; if charities are looking for digital experts, how do you show that you are one? Competition for charity jobs is fierce; follow these simple steps to make sure your CV is always on top of the pile.

Be specific

State your achievements loudly and proudly. Many people are uncomfortable doing this because they feel it looks big headed – don’t worry, it doesn’t! Your CV is an advertisment for your services and should clearly show what digital skills you have. State the key areas of expertise you possess at the top of the page and include any professional qualifications you’ve received. It is vital that you state the exact courses undertaken and the dates of completion. If you don’t do this you are relying on prospective employers to infer the information from context; which doesn’t happen. Recruiters and hiring managers look at CVs all day long, and if it doesn’t have key information on there, they’re not going to try and guess what it is.

Get to the point

If an employer has to comb through your CV to pick out what is relevant to them, they will get bored and move on to the next application. You want to promote your skillset, not obscure it with distracting information. Bullet points are your friends. If all the information regarding your digital skills is trapped in dense paragraphs, it is likely to get missed. Maximise your impact by making the information easy on the eye and clear to see.

Include analytics to make yourself accountable

Back up what you’re claiming with hard facts. What kind of results has your work generated in the past? What timeframes can they expect you to deliver projects in? Can you attribute any revenue growth to your projects? Including data about your digital skills will give employers confidence in you and give you an edge over your competition.

Tailor your CV for each role

A digital marketing role is going to need something a little different to a CRM development role. Think of your CV as a living document, rather than being set in stone, and rework it for each new application. Choose which of your skills to focus on in your CV based on the job description of the role your applying for. If it stipulates that you will be required to use Photoshop, specify any relevant qualifications you have and include a link to your portfolio. If the role does not require graphic design work, you can take that off your CV to make room for more relevant information.