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08 Jul 15

Why It’s Important To Include Volunteering On Your CV

When you’re writing your CV, you might not consider adding any voluntary work you’ve completed because it’s not paid employment. However, including your volunteering experience can set you apart from other candidates and it is something employers value very highly. When employers advertise for a job opening, they generally receive hundreds of responses and applicants. You need to stand out from the crowd and show that you have something unique to offer them.

Why volunteering matters

Voluntary, unpaid work can be a huge bonus when potential employers are looking through your CV. Including your volunteering in your application shows employers that you’re a hard worker who has passion and depth; extremely important traits in an employee.
Showing that you’ve completed voluntary work shows employers that you’re both dedicated to the role and willing to learn new skills. It demonstrates that you are highly motivated and productive, as well as your willingness to help others. Including your volunteering can really set you aside from the rest of the job applicants.

Why you should volunteer

Voluntary work has the opportunity to help you gain many life skills and experiences. It often allows you to work with a wide variety of different people you may have never crossed paths with otherwise, and this can help to broaden your communication skills. Having the ability to communicate effectively with both colleagues and clients is a highly valued skill many employers will seek in a potential employee.

With the diversity that comes with volunteering, you will have the opportunity to develop a large and varied skillset. While you may not consider your voluntary work as important when it comes to writing your CV, excluding it would be selling yourself short. Any kind of work experience, whether it is paid or unpaid, is an advantage when applying for a new job. Volunteering is always advantageous in making a good impression on recruiters and hiring managers.