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12 Mar 15

What Jobseekers Should Expect From A Charity Recruitment Agency

Most people working in the charity sector have – at some point – considered using a charity recruitment agency like Flow Caritas to help them find their dream job in the sector. So what should jobseekers expect when they use charity recruitment experts?

1. Listening to what you really want

Charity recruiters should take the time to meet you in person and get a good understanding of the direction you would like your career to go in. They would never try to hard-sell you jobs that you don’t think would be good for you, because they don’t want to land you a position that you might not be happy with in the long term.

2. Asking about your long-term goals

A good recruitment consultant ensures that your next role is a stepping stone towards your future aspirations. They will ask you in detail what you want to achieve in the future and give you valuable career advice based on your responses.

3. Meeting you personally

Any charity recruitment agency worth their salt already have good relationships with the organisations that they’re recruiting for. They know what kind of people they’re looking for, as well as what the organisational culture is like. Only meeting jobseekers in person can give them an indication whether that person would be a suitable fit and if they would be happy at their preferred charity.

4. Staying in touch

Even after you’ve passed your probation period, a your charity recruiter should want to know you’re still enjoying your job and have a genuine interest in the positive impact you’ve had since starting your new role.

5. Genuine knowledge of the sector

Charity recruitment agencies will always have some consultants that have worked in the charity and not for profit sector before and will regularly attend industry events to keep updated on new developments. Staying informed on sector trends ensures they can provide jobseekers with up-to-date career advice.

6. Keeping you informed

During from the application stage to the final interview, you should never have to chase up your agency up to understand what’s going on – they’ll get back to you straight away when they have any updates from their clients. If you’ve been unsuccessful at interview, they will provide constructive feedback from the interview panel to help you for your next interview.

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