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14 Jan 16

Making The Most Of Your Recruitment Consultant

In the old days, it was widely thought that a recruitment consultant’s main focus was just to get your job application safely in front of a prospective employer.

However, things are not as they once were. To get the most out of working with a recruiter, you should think of it as a collaborative partnership where you both have a shared goal: maximising your potential to secure the best career opportunity for you.

Get the best advice from the experts

Take advantage of the fact that recruitment consultants spend every day reviewing application forms, refining LinkedIn profiles and assessing CVs. Your consultant is there to help, and even if you’re already happy with your CV, it doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion and gain some useful advice too.

Recruitment consultancies will often also have a wealth of digital resources where you can get all kinds of advice to assist you in your job search.

Make interview preparation easy

Your consultant is also the best person to prep you for an interview. They know exactly what the interviewers are looking for, what the format of the interview will be, and will have an insight into the questions you will be asked. Take the time to meet with your consultant, or have a detailed telephone conversation, to clarify any concerns and practice some of your answers.

Connect with the best organisations for your skills

Give your consultant the opportunity to introduce you and your skills to prospective employers. This is a great way for you to raise your profile with organisations that could benefit from your specific skill set. It’s also an incredibly time efficient way of finding a job, as you aren’t spending your time filling out endless applications or crawling through time-consuming job boards.

Leave the numbers to us

Negotiating a new salary can be awkward. By working with a recruitment consultant, you will have a professional to negotiate on your behalf. You can be frank with them about what you want from a prospective employer and at what point you’d be willing to walk away if the offer is not right, without risking the relationship.

Recruitment consultants empower your unique story

Working with a recruitment consultancy to support your job search can really take the pressure off. We ensure you are looking in the right places, have a compelling CV to promote your experience and that you’re aiming for the right salary.

Here at Flow Caritas, we believe we truly understand the stories behind the organisations and candidates with whom we work, and what their hopes and aspirations are for the next chapter.