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17 May 16

Why You Should Pursue A Career In Charity

According to research conducted by Investors in People, 60% of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs. About 17.4 million British people will consider moving jobs this year, and the job market is seeing an unprecedented increase of 10% more new job seekers.

Clearly, confidence in the labour market is high. The UK charity sector is facing the implementation of new regulations in 2017, and the not for profit sector is in need of fresh talent who are passionate about making a positive impact to help their organisations flourish. So why can’t that be you? Here’s why you should consider pursuing a career in charity.

Make a positive contribution with your talent

Have you got transferable skills in areas like strategy development, project management or PR? If you’re aware of the specific issues the charity sector deals with, you can also use your expertise to contribute to your charity’s mission and ensure they are meeting their goals.

Grow your skillset

The majority of charities in the UK are small to medium sized, which means that rather than specialising in a niche area, you’ll be taking on multiple responsibilities across a variety of areas. Your experience in managing the diverse demands of your role will benefit your career in the long term.

Take advantage of the work/life balance

Staff morale is of the utmost importance within charities. There is a culture of flexibility and many roles often involve working days from home or adapting your office hours to suit your family life. This is just one of the reasons why the third sector has a higher job satisfaction than the public and private sectors.

Work in a like-minded team

The people you’ll be working in the charities are there for the same reasons you are; they care. People don’t get into the not for profit sector for the money (although the salaries can often be quite competitive!) but instead are driven by their humanity and compassion.

Be motivated by more than money

In charities, you’re not pushed by oppressive sales targets that only result in lining the pockets of the higher-ups. Instead, you get to witness with your own eyes the positive impact that your work does for the cause you work for.

Free doughnuts

If Flow Caritas consultants are lucky enough to place you with a charity, we visit you in your first week on the job with a big box full of fresh doughnuts to share with your new team members!

There has never been a better time to start your career in charity. The fluid employment market combined with the high demand for innovative talent means that there is a world of opportunity out there just waiting for you to take the first step on your journey.