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15 Apr 15

Why A Temporary Job Can Help Your Charity Career

Going for a temporary job can actually work out brilliantly for your career – and here’s 5 reasons why:

1. It helps you get into the not for profit sector

Many of our candidates have achieved impressive careers in the commercial sector but now want to move into the third sector. If you’re in that position, a temporary job is a great way to understand how organisations in the sector really function, and that in itself often leads to permanent job offers – as relevant experience is always a huge plus.

2. You get access to your dream employer

If there is one organisation you’d really love to work for, then temping might just be the route into that charity. You cannot get any better insight into how the charity really works and what its culture is like. And, if you’ve done a great job in your temp role, you’ll certainly get a head start when new opportunities open up.

3. Many temporary roles turn into permanent ones

Quite often roles are advertised as temporary with the chance of becoming permanent. And that can happen even if that’s not specifically written in the vacancy. If you do a really great job and if resources allow, no charity would risk losing a great employee that already knows how things work.

4. You gain and utilise sought-after skills

Whilst temping you’ll get exposure to many different tasks, meaning you’ll pick up lots of skills in no time. For instance, you’ll quickly learn a wide range of skills such as marketing, administration, finance, and customer service to name but a few. It can also help to widen your expertise in one specific area – like temping in database work. Your varied skillset makes you very employable to a wide range of charities.

5. Get your dream charity job

If you’d like to move into a different area of expertise, or even start a whole new career, temping is a great way to get relevant experience. If you’re still new to the sector, a temporary role can be easier to get, give you really relevant experience and, as we established already, can lead to a permanent job in the charity of your dreams.