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04 Sep 15

Top Skills: Administration

If you want to work in an administration or operations position in a charity, make sure you CV reflects your knowledge of the following skills:


It is often thought that administrative jobs are heavy on the repetition of mundane tasks – like endless data entry or constantly sending out the same email. However, this is a misconception: most admin jobs require you to provide broad support to a decent sized group of people. This is especially relevant to the charity sector, where emphasis on minimising administrative redundancies is ever present. The best admin staff will be able to move from task to task seamlessly.

Communication skills

Admin work often include a significant amount of written and verbal communication. If this is your strength, you’re in luck. This is by far the easiest skill to impress with in the application process and interview. In any written application make sure you show off your writing skills, even in email; it’s 2015 and email is a primary source of communication. In your interview. demonstrate you verbal skills; speak clearly, hold eye contact and use open body language to make the interviewer comfortable with you.

Creative thinking

Using initiative to structure your own work and source solutions to problems is a big part of administrative work. Employers are always looking for candidates that are capable of taking in the big picture and have some get-up-and-go about them.


Efficiency is rooted in great organisational skills. Administrators often function as the backbone of a department or even an entire company. Employers want to hire staff they can trust to produce exceptional results under pressure. When you’re applying for admin jobs, try to provide examples of how you work to a high standard while maintaining tight deadlines.


You’re never going to be a lone wolf in an admin job and employers will be looking for people that play well with others. If you are more comfortable in a dog-eat-dog world then stay away from traditional administration roles – especially in the charity sector. Passion is the buzzword; passion for the cause and passion for the work of your team.

The best admin candidates are not robots: they have just as much grit and determination as anyone else in the charity sector. Ready to get started? Search for your next admin job now!