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Case Studies

Trust & Statutory Fundraising Manager

As Bowel Cancer UK were looking to expand their trust and statutory fundraising, they reached out to Flow Caritas for help in recruiting a Trust & Statutory Fundraising Manager. Because it was such a key role, they advertised the position through various channels, but Flow came through with the perfect candidate. Within three short months, their trust and foundation donations had increased by 300% – an incredible achievement.

“I really appreciate Flow’s straightforward process. Unlike other charity recruitment agencies that seem to send over as many CVs as possible, Flow Caritas was more selective and really understood the role and what we were looking for. Their approach definitely worked, as it was soon obvious that the candidate presented to us by Flow was by far the best. This was especially clear from how well they mastered the written task and interview. Since we hired them, our trust and foundation programme has expanded so quickly that we had to hire another person to support them. This was exactly what we needed!”

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK