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Case Studies

Street Fundraiser to Operations Manager


Michelle Gratton kickstarted her charity career when she contacted Flow Caritas about working as a street fundraiser for Shelter, and from there she grew her career to become Shelter’s Direct Dialogue Southern Operations Manager. Michelle is just one example of Flow Caritas connecting charities with the best quality candidates that they can retain for as long as possible. Our work ensures a mutually beneficial relationship where our fundraisers receive great training and support in return for their hard work and dedication to the cause.

“When I phoned Flow Caritas in response to the street fundraising ad, the conversation was so engaging that I immediately decided to go to the interview, although I was unsure about the job. From that point on, every stage in my Shelter progression has been marked by a phone call, an email or something in the post saying congratulations or well done. Flow has been so supportive throughout my career. I like to look back and think that initial phone conversation is why I’m here today.”

“It’s never too much trouble for them to pick up the phone and call rather than just send everything by email. That personal touch has never faltered throughout the years. It’s obviously a longstanding and amazing tradition that Flow brings us doughnuts to our conference and now, a Shelter fundraising conference without Flow Caritas just wouldn’t be the same!”

-Michelle Gratton, Direct Dialogue Southern Operations Manager