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22 Jun 16

5 Digital Jobs That You Can Get In A Charity

A major topic of conversation in the charity sector at the moment is “digital transformation.” Matt Collins from Platypus Digital said in a recent blog that 58% of charities report having no basic digital skills, despite the fact that digitally mature organisations are 26% more profitable across all industries.

If charities had digitally evolved at the same pace as the eCommerce sector (worth £88 billion in the UK alone), they could be fundraising 22 times more than they currently are. Instead, digital fundraising platform JustGiving has raised a total of £4 billion in the 15 years it has been online.

£4 billion is nothing to sneeze at, but it certainly gives you an idea of the pace that the charity sector moves at when it comes to digital transformation.

Luckily, many UK charities are embracing digital change and expanding their teams. There is a big demand for talented people to help with this change, so if you want to use your skills to make a difference to charities taking the lead in their business development, you might like to think about which one of these digital jobs suits you.

1. Content Creator

Content is the heart of any digital strategy. As a digital content creator, you will be responsible for writing and editing blogs, web documents, podcasts, videos and other high value content to be shared on the website and across appropriate social media sites. Ideal for anyone who can take complex ideas and communicate them in a digestible format, in this job you’ll be the voice of the charity.

You would be a good content creator if you have skills in:

  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Data analysis and insight
  • Sourcing and researching
  • WordPress, Tumblr or other blogging platforms
  • SEO best practice
  • Photography and videography
  • Image and video editing
  • Graphic design

2. Digital Designer

Digital designers can range from graphics, animations, and video to website design and development, usually a combination of the two. You’ll be using your expertise to put a face on the digital transformation of the organisation, creating a visual identity to drive your charity forward.

You would be a good digital designer if you have skills in:

  • UI/UX design and development
  • Coding HTML, CSS, JS and PHP
  • Graphic design
  • Project management
  • Web accessibility best practice

3. Database Support

While the CRM software each organisation uses may differ, the fundamentals of this digital job remain the same; you must be familiar with the principles of database design and functionality, as well as having a sound understanding of the Data Protection Act. You’ll be responsible for the integrity and security of the core of your charity’s operations – their online donor database.

You would be a good at database support if you have skills in:

  • CRM management
  • Analysing complex data sets
  • Maths or information technology
  • Apex/Java programming
  • API integration

4. Digital Marketing

‘Digital marketing’ is a catchall for overseeing most aspects of online audience engagement. Your responsibilities could range from social media coordination, email newsletters, search engine optimisation, data reporting, and running PPC campaigns. Your goals will be to increase the charity’s web traffic, social media reach, and supporter engagement.

You would be a good at digital marketing if you have skills in:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media
  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Email or online newsletters
  • SEO and Web accessibility best practice
  • Project management

5. Digital Fundraising

The most ambitious charity digital jobs are the ones in fundraising. Most fundraising streams are in dire need of online development, and the variety of digital communication channels that are available to charities provides them with an opportunity to revolutionise their supporter journeys.

Digital fundraising jobs are best suited to experienced digital marketers, fundraisers or eCommerce project managers who have a data driven and user centric approach. You will play a key part in designing and delivering fundraising and engagement strategies, as well as innovating with the wider organisation to put digital first in their overall approach.

Key skills for a digital fundraiser include:

  • Experience in planning, strategy and delivery of digital projects
  • Successfully increasing online engagement/conversions of supporters or customers
  • Professional fundraising experience
  • Open and collaborative team member
  • Expertise in digital trends and disruptive technologies

Smaller charities with limited resources might require you to wear all five hats at once! If you’re looking for the next challenge in your digital career, why not use your knowledge and skills to make the world a better place? To find out more about digital jobs that are available in the charity sector, you can follow us on Twitter @FlowCaritas.