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27 Feb 15

Addressing The Increase in Digital Jobs in The Charity Sector

After noticing an influx of digital vacancies within the charity and not for profit sector, Flow Caritas set up a dedicated recruitment desk for digital and communications roles.

We’ve interviewed Luke Watts, who led the project, to tell us more about digital jobs in the charity sector and about his progress so far.

What was the motivation to set up a separate desk just for digital and marketing roles?

“For a few months we kept noticing an influx of digital roles within the charity and not for profit sector and felt we needed to make changes to accommodate this. It is crucial that a recruiter really understands the sector they’re operating in, so a dedicated digital desk means that we can help our clients a lot more effectively.

“I was really keen to lead the project as digital is a huge interest of mine. Admittedly, the charity sector is a bit behind other sectors in its digital processes but it is catching up fast and there is real momentum as it modernises and adapts modern business practices. So far we’re the only charity recruiter that has recognised the need for a dedicated digital recruitment desk – it’s great being on the forefront of these new developments.”

How long has the digital desk been running for?

“Officially we have been going since September – that’s when I began marketing the desk to candidates and clients and created our individual Flow Digital social media profiles.

“I am really pleased with our progress since. My initial goal was to recruit a really strong and diverse pool of digital professionals alongside a solid client base of digital teams within charities and non-profits, and I feel that both have been achieved.

“In that time we have brought on Sam as a Resourcer and Trainee Recruiter, built a large social media presence, and helped a lot of great organisations find the right match for their digital vacancies.”

What successes have you had so far?

“Within a short time span we have helped a lot of charities and non-profits find digital talent. A couple of great examples are a Digital Content role with a large international development organisation, a Digital Communications role with a great housing charity and a Copywriter role with a revered national charity.

“Another measure of our success is the consistent number of digital roles that we have been getting in and working on. I make sure I always have my finger on the pulse with exciting new job opportunities and developments.”

What challenges do charities face when recruiting digital talent – and how can they overcome them?

“I think there is a big emphasis within charities, as I mentioned, to catch up with other sectors digitally. A big challenge for smaller charities is finding people with the ability to develop and build their digital activities in a way that suits the specific needs of the organisation.

“Another challenge is finding a recruiter that understands the digital sector and can source candidates with specific skills for specific roles – which, again, is why we decided to set up the dedicated desk.”

Do you think there’s scope to grow that area of the business?

“Absolutely, that is the big focus now. I feel we have started really well but I don’t want to be complacent. The need for digital talent within charities is ever increasing and there are a lot of organisations that we would love to be affiliated with. I am constantly learning and keeping up with the digital world myself so I can better judge changes that our clients need to know about and that Flow Caritas can take advantage of as well.”

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