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16 Sep 15

Top Skills: Digital Communications

Digital communications within the third sector plays a major part in the way that charities reach out to their donors and raise awareness for their cause. Organisations such as Action Aid UK, British Red Cross and Shelter all boast multi-talented digital teams, whose works focuses on social media, content strategy, SEO and a diverse number of tasks that utilise digital technology to boost their brand profile.

Digital is changing the way that charities operate; more small to medium sized charities are beginning to focus on their digital visibility, which means they’re creating new jobs and teams to manage their transformation. While digital roles require a broad understanding of the sector and a wide skillset is essential, Flow Caritas are constantly asked by our clients for candidates with experience in one particular skill – branding.

If you want to work in a digital communications position in a charity, make sure you CV reflects your knowledge of the following branding skills:

Content strategy

The ability to produce high quality digital content is, of course, always in demand. However, the candidates that stand out from the crowd are the ones that understand the importance of content strategy. How to construct a plan that is in line with the organisation’s branding, but also actively works towards expanding its donor reach. When going through the process of applying for a new digital job, talk up your long-term strategy skills.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

‘But can’t you just outsource SEO?’ you ask. Our answer: hard no. It is far more cost effective for charities to hire staff who can take on the majority of SEO strategy themselves. Also, even the best SEO agency will require input and implementation from the organisation itself. Knowledge of SEO is essential. Without a proper SEO plan, the majority of your digital efforts will be futile, so brush up before starting your job hunt!

Market knowledge

What are your KPIs? How are you going to practically measure ROI? And what is your audience looking for? These are the most important questions for any branding specialist. Impress prospective employers by talking about your experiences of improving brand reach (and how that translated into an increase in donors/donations). Don’t be afraid to touch on past mishaps, as long as you can detail how you overcame them and what you learnt from the situation.

Brand voice

You will need to be THE authority on establishing the voice of the brand, especially in a small charity. This is something you can impress at the interview stage with ease. Firstly, research the branding of the organisation you’re meeting with and speak about their values, ethos and market positioning. Secondly, present some examples of where and how you have been involved with implementing changes or driving work that focused on brand voice. But be aware: don’t fall into the trap of simply bashing the existing branding – that’s insulting, not inspiring!

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