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02 Feb 16

The Institute of Fundraising Event Manager’s Forum

Last Friday Flow Caritas presented at the latest Event Manager’s Forum, one of the many specialist events run by the Institute of Fundraisers (IoF) throughout the year.

The Event Managers Forum is a special interest group of over 600 members representing 200 charities, including 17 of the 20 largest organisations in the UK. This is an informal group for individuals who work within the voluntary sector and are involved in organising fundraising events. The Forum meets three to four times each year and members have the opportunity to take part in presentations on a range of topics such as personal development, trends in the events sector, innovation and insight or community and volunteers.

This latest event, held near London Bridge, was attended by a variety of members. Sessions were run by the National Autistic Society (NAS) and Everyday Hero, amongst others, and presentations included the importance of personal branding, the GROW model of coaching and career development.

Flow Caritas’ presentation focused on employee retention and what individuals can do to find purpose in their company, enabling them to stay and grow within that organisation.

Delighted with the feedback from members on the day, Pedro Tsiamas, who presented on behalf of Flow Caritas said ‘the comments I received were very positive. My focus went against the grain from the perspective of a recruiter – encouraging them to identify reasons to focus on the mid to long term within their current organisation, rather than looking for opportunities elsewhere. A number of the people I spoke to firmly believed in the messages I presented and are keen for us to present a similar session to their companies in the future.’