Looking for a paid charity fundraising job? Flow Caritas has over a decade of experience in recruiting charity fundraisers and our expert consultants know the charity world inside out. The team use their passion and expertise to support some of the UK’s leading charities with staffing and setting up their face to face fundraising operations in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Sunderland, Cardiff and Bristol.

What is Face to Face Fundraising?

Face to Face (F2F) Fundraising is the art of inspiring members of the public to make regular charitable donations or one-off donations via SMS. Face to face fundraisers are on the front lines for charities, putting themselves out there every day in order to raise money for a cause they are passionate about about. The work is very sociable and you’ll work in a fun team environment where no two days are ever the same. You’ll meet lots of great people and – most important of all – you’ll be making a huge difference to the world. Our fundraisers have collectively raised over £150 million for their charities since we started in 2004.

Being a fundraiser is a full time job. Flow Caritas fundraisers are paid an hourly wage with statutory holiday pay – we do not work on a commission-only basis. It’s a legitimate job doing legitimate work; you are just as valuable to charities as any other members of staff and are compensated as such.

Whether you’re trying to take your first step onto the charity sector career ladder or a recent graduate looking for some valuable sales and marketing experience, F2F Fundraising is the opportunity you’re looking for! It could even be the start of something you never expected – read more about how F2F fundraising can kickstart a long term charity career in our Streets Ahead report.

For more information, call our F2F fundraising team on 0161 641 0005.

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