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11 May 15

5 Reasons Face to Face Fundraising Looks Good On Your CV

Posted by Jade Gargan

Face to face fundraising is more than just a summer job; it will help your CV stand out for years to come. We’ve put our heads together and come up with the top 5 reasons that face to face fundraising can help you when applying for jobs in the future.

1. Demonstrable interest in charity sector

It’s all well and good saying that you have been a dedicated supporter of a cause for years but it’s difficult to make this tangible on your CV. Voluntary work is fantastic and can help you stand out from the crowd. However, we all know that often there isn’t enough time to maintain voluntary positions as well as a full time job. Fundraising bridges that gap and allows you to show just how committed you really are.

2. Resilience

It’s no secret that fundraisers don’t always have it easy. It is all well and good when you’re hanging around the seaside in the sun and hitting your personal best, but there will also be days when you’re soaked to the skin and no one is giving you a second glance. Having some face to face experience will show future employers that you are capable of pulling your socks up and getting the job done – no matter the circumstances!

3. Sales experience

The training provided by charity fundraising operations and the practice of pitching to strangers on the street create some pretty powerful sales skills. Employers will appreciate your ability to form an argument, pitch it and collect on the results in a succinct manner. These skills remain relevant long after your face to face fundraising days are over.

4. Customer relations and personal skills

It is rare that you’ll find yourself in a job that doesn’t involve interacting with other people, whether they be colleagues or customers. A face to face fundraising role proves that you’ve got what it takes to be part of a team who communicate well with each other and the public. It will show that you’ve got patience, courtesy and above all, compassion – all things that are crucial when communicating with others.

5. Ability to work to targets

Fundraising is a highly target driven environment and the ability to succeed under pressure a key part of the job. You can mention personal achievements such as continuously hitting targets and how this motivated you on your CV, which will demonstrate your drive and effectiveness.

To find out more about how face to face fundraising can help you, call Nicola on 0161 641 0005