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21 Apr 16

7 Reasons To Work For A Charity This Summer

Your essays are submitted and exams are over. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the pub is calling. There’s just one problem: you’re broke and you need a job.¬†What if I told you there was a job out there that has great hours, excellent benefits, and looks much¬†better on your CV than retail or bar work? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. It’s true! Here are the seven best¬†reasons why you should work as a face-to-face (F2F) fundraiser for a charity this summer.

1. Start immediately

immediate start charity

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Charity recruitment agencies¬†like Flow Caritas are always on the lookout for bubbly, charismatic people to get out there and spread the word about¬†charities like Shelter, Marie Curie, Oxfam or British Red Cross. We don’t believe that there is ever too much of a good thing, so if you’re the right fit, you¬†could¬†be on the job within a week¬†of getting in touch.

2. Gain insight into how donations works

charity donations


If you’re interested in how charities function, this is a great opportunity to see it¬†first hand. Some¬†people call F2F¬†fundraisers names like ‘chuggers’ (charity muggers) or label them as a¬†‘necessary evil’. What these criticisms lack is a fundamental understanding of the financial and regulatory issues charities deal with when it comes to building a budget to deliver their programs. For example, for every ¬£1 Shelter spends on fundraising, they receive an average of¬†¬£3.80 of donations in return. Our charities¬†genuinely need the funds that you raise to do the great work that they do.

3. Work in an awesome team

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The charities Flow works with take pride in the supportive environment they offer, and you’ll be welcomed into a team of like-minded people who are just as enthusiastic about their work as you are.¬†They provide comprehensive and ongoing training for you to hone your fundraising skills, and there are regular opportunities for you to progress into leadership roles. There are also regular socials for you to wind down and chill out with your new work pals.

4. It looks great on your CV

charity CV


Whether you’re looking to kick start your career in the not-for-profit sector, or just get some sales and marketing¬†experience under your belt, F2F¬†fundraising is an invaluable addition to your resume. It shows future employers that you’re a confident communicator and you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there.

5. Build your creative skills

creative skills


There is a synergy between creative¬†arts¬†and the role you perform on the streets as a F2F¬†fundraiser. Creative people have a better intuition for knowing who is more likely to donate to charity, and the skills, passion and experience you obtain as a fundraiser¬†benefits your¬†career in the long term. Of course, this includes experiencing rejection sometimes. The job requires resilience and self-esteem, but you also learn that rejection isn’t personal unless you make it personal.

6. Good hours, great pay

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Don’t want to get bogged down in the ol’ 9 to 5? Don’t worry, F2F¬†fundraisers get a lovely lie in, with your hours being 10am to 6pm if you’re a street fundraiser, and 2pm to 8pm if you’re more suited for a door to door job. Flow Caritas and the charities we work with NEVER offer zero hour contracts or commission-only roles; F2F fundraisers are valuable employees who deserve to be treated as such. That’s why you receive weekly pay with a starting wage of ¬£8 per hour. With regular performance reviews, you could be making up to ¬£12 per hour in no time at all.

7. Change lives

change lives

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I know it sounds like a platitude, but fundraisers really do make a difference with their work.¬†Last year, Shelter helped¬†68,946 people through their support services. Marie Curie¬†provided care and support for 40,712 people living with a terminal illness. More than 19,000¬†refugees turned to the British Red Cross for assistance.¬†And Oxfam’s global mission¬†to reduce poverty saw 400,000 people benefit from advice on improving their farming, goods and services, 1.4 million people received improved water sanitation facilities, and 3.9 million people were reached by health promotion activities.¬†None of this help would have been¬†possible without¬†the tireless efforts of their fundraisers. If you genuinely want to change the lives of people in need, become a F2F fundraiser and work in a job that matters.

For more information about how to work as a charity fundraiser, call our Northern Region team on 0161 641 0005 or email