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18 Feb 16

Be a Fantastic Fundraiser in 2016!

Whether you’re in it for a few weeks to earn some cash over the uni holidays, or you’re using it as a stepping stone to a long term career in the charity sector, here is some fantastic advice on how to make the most of being a face to face (F2F) fundraiser.

 “Know your stuff”

People like to try and catch charity fundraisers out on the street and trip them up over their facts, so make sure you know your stuff.  It is important to know what you’re pitching, so don’t just churn out the same old spiel to everyone. It’s much more about telling a story that people can empathise with.

 “Live for the funny stories”

Interacting with the public gives you the possibility for so many weird and wonderful things to happen. You can meet so many different people working as a street fundraiser. One of our fundraisers told us about one time when she was working as a street fundraiser and got scouted for a porn agency. See what we mean?

“Get a confidence boost”

Street fundraising can be a great way to gain loads of different skills, and confidence is really key in so many parts of your life. Having to walk up to people on the street and talk to them about things can really build your confidence. You have to put yourself out there – this is not a role for the timid!

If you are not already part of one of our dynamic teams, we are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated and passionate street and door to door fundraisers all across the UK! If you are after a rewarding and fun full time career do not hesitate and give us a call on 0161 641 0005 now!