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02 Feb 17

Using Technology to Connect People

At Flow Caritas we are proud to assist so many amazing charities. Two of the largest charities we work with; World Vision and Oxfam have both recently made their mark as innovators of face-to-face fundraising.

World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity, and in 2015 set up The Story Shop in Westfield, London and Westfield, Stratford City. The Story Shop is a unique, interactive space that aims to connect people in the UK to children and communities around the world.

Shoppers can interact with the installation by touching screens, opening drawers or reading item labels to find out the stories of 100 different children or families who live in poverty, without food, clean water and education. Shoppers can find out how their money can help and if they want to donate or sponsor a child, they can do so via a contactless payment system on the installation.

World Vision is not the only charity using technology to show people where their money is going. Fundraisers for Oxfam have been travelling around London with virtual reality headsets and head phones to immerse people in poverty stricken environments.

People using the virtual reality technology will be shown the areas that Oxfam are working in. The charity hope that this will tackle the misconception that the charity’s money is not being spent where it is most needed. One of the VR experiences available to view is set in Bashir, Iraq and aims to show the devastation of war and the struggle that people are facing there.

Charities believe that by utilizing technology they will be able to properly show the importance of people’s donations. Interactive face-to-face fundraising, charities hope will be more effective than words and images in attracting long-term donors and creating a trustworthy bond between consumer and brand.

The question is will other charities follow suit to help increase donations?