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01 Apr 16

How To Prepare For Your Charity Fundraiser Interview

Posted by Marianna Geany

Time taken out at university to volunteer or become a fundraiser for a charity around your area is a great way of getting some experience in charity work. Many internships, in particular, are offered from a variety of fundraising charity projects and these positions can give you valuable insights into what a career in the charity sector really feels like. Below are some of the most effective interview tips for a charity fundraiser or volunteer job.

1. Get the application right

It sounds really simple, but reading over your application to ensure that your application is written with good grammar and correct spelling. Just like any job role, charities are looking for people that are not only intelligent, but also have a good attention to detail. Check that all relevant experience is on your application and that you’ve highlighted the skills that relate to the job that you’re applying for.

2. Do your research

Understanding the many ways in which a charity organisation operates is essential to ensure that you fully understand their specific aims, strategy, ambitions and progress. As such, a thorough reading of the relevant organisation’s annual report is essential for interview. It will acquaint you with all the background information you need to know. You’ll also learn about the challenges charities have undergone and how they have overcome those hurdles.

3. Be yourself, and be passionate

Many candidates seeking to volunteer or become a charity fundraiser don’t make it to the next stage because of their lack of confidence, or in other words, not being themselves. In public or private sector interviews, many people are used to acting rather corporate, which many charity organisations don’t particularly want. Passion and drive however are important; so do be ready to explain what interests you about the charity and why you want to help with fundraising.

4. Be ready to talk about the skills you have

Depending on what sort of role you’re aiming for, you may be required to have a certain skillset, or perhaps some experience in the type of work you’ll be asked to do. Whilst experience isn’t always necessary, it can be useful, so think of some examples of your previous achievements that you can refer to at your interview.

5. Show that you’ve done this before

Volunteering at charity events is a great way to impress at your charity fundraiser interview. Interviewers will be impressed by your consistent interest in charity work, and you could have the opportunity to join the charity outside of the the specific job you applied for. Therefore, before the interview, make sure you’re an active volunteer and you’re frequently raising funds at charity events – even if this means simply taking on a JustGiving account or completing a sponsored task.


It’s worth knowing that interviews for charity fundraiser jobs differ from public or private sector interviews because most of these interviewers seek candidates who fit a certain mould. They delve deeper into your personality to try to establish your personal qualities, regardless of your political background, age, experience or status. Remember that the desire to help the charity succeed is your biggest ally when looking for charity fundraiser work, and if you follow our tips you’ll be considered a great candidate.