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01 Aug 16

Brexit and the Next Generation of Donors

My fifteen year old daughter is a member of the next generation of donors, and her future is more uncertain than ever. I think Brexit will affect not only her ability and willingness to give to charity, but it will also impact her access to charitable services. When I asked for her thoughts, this is what she said.

My reaction to Brexit was, and still is, pretty much:

brexit reaction

I have a lot of questions.

British charities receive over £200m annually in direct funding from the EU. What’s going to happen to that money, and what will happen to the charities who rely on these vital funds? Will people be made redundant because charities can’t afford their employees?

Because of inflation, how can I afford to donate to charity when I’m spending more money on everyday items?

With less students coming from the EU to study in the UK, will I have a higher chance of getting into university? Will I be able to study abroad without it being too expensive? Will increasing university fees and student debt limit my ability to donate?

Losing access to the single market threats the many millions of jobs that are linked to our trade with the EU. Will my future salary be affected? Will job insecurity affect my willingness to volunteer?  

How can UK charities continue to support millions people when funding from the EU is cut completely and donations from my generation are fewer? Will they close down or reduce their services? What will happen to the people who will need them in 5, 10, 20 years time? 

With the votes at 51.9% leave and 49.1% remain, is the 2.8% worth all this havoc that has been released?

Uncertainty and confusion seems to be overwhelming feeling among my daughter’s generation, and her questions can only be answered with time. What are charities doing to mitigate the impact that Brexit will have on their future donors? We’d love to hear your thoughts, tweet us @FlowCaritas.