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06 Dec 16

In a candidate short market, don’t make applying for a Fundraising job with you hard!!

Uphill struggle

It shouldn’t be this hard…

When I first started in recruitment in 1995 it was fairly straightforward to get a job. You either applied directly by sending in your cv, were called in for an interview and hopefully were successful. Or you went to a recruiter, they took your cv, called the client they had a good relationship with and faxed your cv over and you got an interview. This was in the days of faxes and the post, so we were fairly used to a slow process.

Now in a fundraising candidate short market, where people are used to one click to purchase a product or get a service, we seem to be putting up more and more barriers. Many of our clients insist on putting people through a complex online application process, or getting them in for multiple interviews, or spacing interviews out over a few weeks. Why? Because it fits in with the schedule, process or diary of those in the recruiting organisation!

If every business designed its customer attraction process to best suit the needs of its internal structure and timetable they naturally wouldn’t have any customers. In a fundraising candidate short market we have to be doing everything to attract candidates and everything to make sure the recruitment journey is as pleasurable an experience as possible. Im not saying that you shouldn’t ensure you get the best for your organisation by challenging, asking questions and investigating their history and achievements, but make it a quick and straightforward experience.

Ask these questions when you recruit:

  • Is our process designed to make recruitment easier for us or the candidate?
  • Why are they filling in an application form?
  • Why are they using an online system?
  • Is everyone involved in the interview process available?
  • What happens if one of the interviewers is off sick?
  • Why do we need 2 or 3 interviews?
  • Ask again – Is our process designed to make recruitment easier for us or the candidate?

If your answer to the last point is that your process makes your life easier, then be prepared to find 2017 an increasingly hard year to recruit top candidates to your organisation.