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08 Dec 16

Rory White completes London to Paris on behalf of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Under the Eiffel Tower

Under the Eiffel Tower


Rory White, the Director of Flow Caritas, completed a cycle from London to Paris last year on the charities behalf. He got to see first hand how the organisation works as we were accompanied by 3 former Olympic athletes who now work as mentors and 2 young people who have made incredible progress in their lives because of the supports of their ex-Olympian mentors. To be an Olympic athlete you have to have enormous discipline and focus, this was apparent on the ride and brilliant that the Trust taps into this group of people, helping them transition and helping the over 300,000 young people who have benefited from these mentors.

It was an exciting 3 days and bizarre to arrive at the top of Paris, on a bike and look across to the Eiffel Tower.