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23 Feb 16

Is 2016 the year of the candidate for the charity sector?

The power of jobseekers

Last summer we posted an article that covered a growing trend of recruitment stats firmly putting the power back in the hands of the candidate. We’re now well into 2016 and it’s clear that our observations are only growing in importance for charities looking to recruit this year. This is backed up by research published in the Totaljobs’ February Employer Insights Report, which found that 49% of British businesses foresee recruitment becoming more difficult over the next couple of years.

The report also revealed that 43% of jobseekers say that they are more selective about the roles that they have taken over the last three years. As a result of these two market dictators, 23% of organisations have experienced less growth due to a shrinking talent pool while 55% state they currently have an in-house skills shortage. This is not surprising with the national unemployment rate at 5.1% (the lowest since May 2008) and 68% of employers saying the market is now more candidate led than at any time over the last five years.

The year of the candidate

Here at Flow Caritas, we definitely think 2016 is the year of the candidate. It’s very clear that individuals are now realising they hold the power when it comes to getting the job they want within the charity sector. But while skilled talent are now in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose between employers, it’s making it much harder to attract and retain the best talent for charities throughout the UK.

It is important to understand that today’s candidates are not just saying “show me the money!” According to the research from Totaljobs, other factors that influence candidate decisions include career development, a short commute or a decent work location, flexible working options and a suitable work/life balance. In order to engage the highest quality talent, charities need to shift their message to focus on what it’s like to work within your organisation, not just the skills and experience the charity requires. If you effectively sell the culture of your work environment, the best candidates will seek you out first.

The strength of stories

Flow recognises that the attitude to recruitment needs to adapt to this compelling market driver, especially when there could be a different solution from role to role within the same organisation. We believe in engaging with not only those who are actively looking for new opportunities but also the more passive candidates who could still be open to the idea of a new job, if it proved to be the right option for them. Every candidate has a unique story, just like every charity has a story, and it’s important to ensure that both narratives can be mutually beneficial.

2016 is the year of the candidate, and Flow Caritas is committed to empowering their stories and connecting talent to the charity that is right for them, and vice versa. We support charities in their search for the right person that is passionate about their mission and a right fit for their culture, to make sure we’re enabling their story and encouraging their growth.

To find out more about our story-based approach to attracting candidates in this competitive recruitment climate, get in touch with our team.