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25 Jan 17

Filling the gap in Major Donor Fundraising


If you are a charity looking to employ someone into a Major Donor position, we don’t need to tell you that there is a shortage of candidates. Experienced Major Donor Fundraisers are so in demand in the sector that they have the option of being extremely picky. They often only want to work in a certain location, for a certain charity and for a specific salary and benefits.

As a recruitment agency we might have five significantly experienced Major Donor Fundraisers, but each of them has their own ideal job and won’t budge on their expectations. That is the beauty of a candidate from a commercial or corporate background. When looking to transfer to charity, they are much more flexible and open to varying positions, salary and location.

One main solution to tackle this shortage situation could be to open up fundraiser roles to candidates from other fields. At Flow Caritas we successfully place applicants from outside the charity sector. An example of our success was placing a commercial relationship manager from a bank into a Major Donor role in a charity. This was a triumphant placement as the skills of the individual were transferable. After handling the finances of high net worth clients, the candidate knew exactly how to deal with affluent individuals and their donations.

In order to be considered as a candidate for a Major Donor role there are certain personality attributes a person must have. You must have an abundance of confidence and a strong personality, but also the ability to read an individual and adapt your approach to them. You must be adept at researching, be resourceful and have excellent communication skills. Individuals with a history in sales or banking could be the perfect fit for a major donor role.  They often have experience in gaining new business and cultivating relationships with high level people in varying organisations.

At Flow Caritas, we try to think outside of the box when solving dilemmas within the charity sector, while keeping to a high standard of recruiting. Though we encourage charities to have an open mind when considering applicants from outside the sector, we assure you we only suggest the most suitable candidates for Major Donor roles. We invite commercial candidates to branch out from their field in order to fill a lack of fundraising candidates, but will only accept applications from optimum candidates. We vet each candidate thoroughly and will only invest our time in them if their previous experience is transferable and they have a passion for a charity’s ideology.

If you are looking for fantastic candidates outside the sector or are looking for a new exciting role in charity, call us now.