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05 Sep 16

2016 Charity Sector Salary Analysis

One of the many services Flow Caritas provides to job seekers is expert career advice. We find many candidates come to us with questions in regards to what their salary expectations should be for new job opportunities or upcoming appraisals. We also frequently advise charities in the creation of new roles and on the personal development of their staff. Our expertise helps them build their recruitment business cases and improve the progression of their teams.

Our charity sector salary analysis is a resource that compiles all the data from the jobs we have worked on in 2016 in order to provide a valuable insight that people can use to advance their careers, grow their organisations and generate informed conversations about salaries in the charity sector.

While we’re certainly not the only recruitment agency that invests in sharing our salary research, we’ve found that most, if not all, of the published documents are just boring. So we’ve taken a different approach. Our analysis is presented in the format of interactive bubble charts to contrast the differences between roles and organisation sizes and to visually indicate where the overlap is between these respective salaries. To see how the data corresponds to each chart, move your mouse over the bubbles for the full effect.

Our data analysis comes from  all of the salaries from the permanent, contract and temporary jobs we have worked on since January 1 2016, and the results consisted of both the single lowest and single highest salary for the job title, as well as the calculated average salary of all jobs matching the job title. As there is generally a significant difference between the responsibilities of jobs with similar titles in small (up to 150 employees) and large (over 150 employees) organisations, we have split the data to better reflect the salaries of roles in different sized charities.

We also compare all jobs we work on to similar jobs advertised on charity job sites, and we consult with our network of contacts within the charity world to ensure that we are offering our candidates and clients the most competitive information. The combination of hard data and our unique insight as specialist recruiters has resulted in an accurate range of salaries to expect for jobs in the charity sector in 2016.