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07 Oct 16

The Corporate Partnerships Skills Gap

The charity sector is notoriously hard to break into unless you already have extensive experience in a not for profit organisation. Even people who have worked in Corporate Social Responsibility, Account Management or Business Development will find it difficult to go up against less experienced applicants who have previous charity experience.

As experienced recruiters with a keen eye for trends in the job market, Flow Caritas has noticed that there has been an influx of corporate partnership roles available, yet there is a lack of qualified candidates to fill them. Despite this growing skills gap, the majority of UK charities are resistant to widening their search to look for candidates outside of the charity sector.

Our recruitment consultants are curious as to the root cause of this insular culture within corporate partnership fundraising. Why don’t charities consider those from commercial backgrounds, even when they can demonstrate their experience in building profitable corporate relationships?

Please fill out this short survey to help us gain further insight into the corporate partnerships skills gap.

Your input will be invaluable to our recruitment process; not only would we be able to qualify these concerns with our candidates, but it would also ensure that we are delivering a high quality to service to our clients.