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09 Jun 15

Recent Recruitment Stats Shows Candidates Taking Back Control

The number of job vacancies being advertised has surpassed the 1 million mark for the first time since the 2008 economic crash. This is a 25% increase on last year alone, signifying a rapid period of recovery for the job market. However, the CIPD estimates job searchers to total 800,000 or less. This deficit has shifted job market demand away from recruiting employers and back to the job seekers.

What this means for charity sector employers:
The power is in the hands of the applicants. Employers and recruiters have to work hard to stand out and attract the best talent. Simply placing a job ad and waiting for high quality candidates to find you isn’t going to cut it. How is your charity handling the necessary networking, social media interactions and active sourcing of candidates? Is you charity brand making you look like a great place to work? How are you selling your ethos and values to job applicants? You are courting them, not the other way around.

Advert aggregator Adzuna warn that the market trends show that jobseekers skills are not keeping up with the economic recovery, meaning that the workforce could begin to feel the pinch of not having sufficiently skilled staff.

What this means for the charity sector jobseekers:
As charitable organisations expand their reach, this creates more job opportunities. It is vital that you keep your skills relevant and cutting edge. Push yourself to achieve more in the workplace and take advantage of certified training opportunities. This will maximize your appeal to prospective employers and help you to take full advantage of the changing job market.

How Flow Caritas can help
Charity¬†recruitment agencies, such as Flow, already¬†have established networks of job seekers. Using an agency will¬†free your time up to focus on really selling your employment brand to candidates. If you’re a jobseekers, Flow can provide with advice on what qualifications you should be pursuing to position yourself head and shoulders above the competition.