Expert advice

Our recruitment consultants have in-depth knowledge of the experience and personality traits that our charities are looking for. They spend every day refining application forms, reviewing LinkedIn profiles and assessing CVs, so they can tell you what steps you need to take to move your charity career in the right direction.

Interview preparation

We know exactly what your interviewers are looking for, what the format of the interview will be, and have an insight into the questions you will be asked. Take the time to meet with your consultant, or have a detailed telephone conversation, to clarify any concerns and practice some of your answers.

Championing individuals

Flow Caritas believes in our candidates. We endeavour to present you to our charities in the best possible way. We raise your profile across multiple organisations that could benefit from your specific skill set, which is an incredibly efficient way of getting your CV in front of prospective employers. If you’re sick of wasting your time filling out endless applications and crawling through job boards, let our consultants find the perfect role for you.

Salary negotiation

Stop the awkward salary negotiation and leave the numbers to us. With a professional recruitment consultant to negotiate on your behalf, you can be open about what you want from a prospective employer and at what point you’d be willing to walk away if the offer is not right.

Digital resources

Flow Caritas has a wealth of content to cover all your bases. Check out our Twitter, LinkedIn or blog.

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